#SS 1 - Overnight success - is it possible?

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Welcome to the Success Story  by NewsReach. 

Every once in a while we hear that there was a small company which grew big. ChaupalTv is one such publisher who had great content, an average website with limited reach. 

His major challenge was to manage the technical aspect of the website and along with that make constant effort in reaching more and more readers to get the worth of his content.

He got in touch with NewsReach a few months back with the challenges he was facing and if we can provide them with any kind of solution or suggestions on how he can overcome his challenges. 

NewsReach understood and took a step towards understanding his challenges and loopholes which needed to be filled in order to get vast reach and monetize his content. In a short time period NewsReach helped ChaupalTv acquire new users and increase his reach with strategic planning.

Results achieved:

  • 236% increase in Users with almost 150% increase in new users 

  • 230% increase in PageViews 

  • Reduction in Bounce rate from 77.74% to 54.18% 

Strategy implemented:

Impact created : 

NewsReach has put constant effort and continues to give complete technical support and guidance regarding the implementation to overcome the challenges and help the publisher grow. The Publisher has increased his reach to various districts with the proper guidance and technical support being provided by NewsReach. 

In collaboration with NewsReach, the publisher is educating his team to reach more and more users through social media platforms. There is a long way to go and a lot to improve. 

Social Impact : 

ChaupalTv is a local newspaper with limited visibility. Newsreach not only helped the publisher increase the visibility of his content but also generate awareness about the pressing issues in the local community. With the growth of ChaupalTv, more employment is generated with technical advancement among the employees of ChaupalTv with the knowledge being imparted by NewsReach.

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